Whether you are buying a men’s watch or watches for women, it is imperative that you
know the exact genre of watch you are buying so that you will have no regrets. This is
especially true if you are spending quite a lot of money on this amazing accessory.

This article will serve as your guide to the main watch genres so be sure to read through
the entire blog post to be enlightened.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is an ideal timepiece to wear whenever you are going to formal events.

They are usually a simple watch without the usual bells and whistles of other watches
and it is just meant to be an accessory that can help improve your looks.

They are usually thinner than other watch genres and they almost always go with a
leather strap, though there are some where you can change the watch’s strap to
whatever you like.

Diving Watch

The diving watch is ideal for people who frequently go to the sea, although its design
still allows you to use it as an everyday watch.

It usually has a rugged construction; with pressure chambers that help mitigate pressure
build-up within the watch’s mechanism. They also come with luminous dials as well so
that divers can easily discern the time despite the lack of lighting underwater. And, it
also has a unidirectional bezel that will help divers know exactly how long they have
been submerged in the sea.

It is definitely a great all-around watch with the likes of the Omega Speedmaster and
Rolex Submariner at the forefront.


Aviator watches are specially made for pilots and aviators. Its main features include an
altimeter, a sliding or rotating bezel, and so much more.

These watches can also be used as a means to tell the time from two different time
zones at ones, which is why this is the most ideal for pilots who always go to
international flights.

To increase its legibility, the watch is typically much larger than a dress watch and it
also has glow-in-the-dark dials as well.


As you can probably tell by its moniker, driving watches are great for racers because of
its built-in tachymeter that can help them measure their top-speed. Aside from that, they
usually have all of the features of a typical chronograph watch, including a stopwatch
and a timer as well.

Most driving watches are huge so that it can easily be discernible for racers, especially
during heated situations. Aside from that, their aesthetics are just way too damn cool!


This is also ideal for formal occasions as well because of its simple and minimalistic
look. This watch genre is typically devoid of any other features and it just gives you a
simple watch face with roman numeral dials, a date counter, and just the brand of the

They typically also come with leather straps built-in, but you can safely change it to a
NATO strap if you want.