One would think that an industry as old as affiliate marketing will no longer have
anything new coming for it is just false. In fact, affiliate marketing is still going strong
even with influencer marketing getting more and more popular.

Today, I am going to be talking about some affiliate marketing trends to watch in 2019.

Building and Strengthening Relationships

Whether you are joining an affiliate network or you are going directly to companies to
join in their affiliate program and become one of their affiliates, a strong sense of
building and strengthening relationships is going to be the main theme in 2019.

So, how do you build your relationship with your advertisers? Well, transparency is key.

You have to report statistics that are in line with their analytics data.

It is also important that you be honest with them, especially if you need something that
might help with your ad campaign.

High-Level Reporting

We now live in a more competitive world and monthly reports are no longer going to cut
it. Companies want to have real-time reporting done on their affiliates’ ad campaigns so
that they can sort out those that are really bringing them money and those that just do
not cut it.

The Rise of Voice and Video

Gone are the days where people will look for written content to find the information that
they need. They are now more in favor of video content which is why Youtube channels
and social media influencers have become really good affiliates in recent years.

According to a Forbes report, it is likely that video content will be king come 2022. I
believe it to be true as more and more people are consuming that type of content over
the others.

More Platforms

Google and Facebook are the go-to platforms for a lot of affiliate marketers simply
because of their features and scope. However, with recent issues regarding privacy and
censorship, more and more affiliates are looking elsewhere to promote their partner
merchant’s products.

Of course, one can concentrate on their own blogs and websites and help drive more
internet traffic there, but you can expect a lot of people to try out different platforms

For instance, instead of uploading content on Youtube, people are now trying other
similar platforms including Twitch and Real.Video.

Traditional Advertising Techniques Still Apply

Content creators can do a lot of things to help them get more people to buy from their
partner companies’ merchandise. That being said, they can still turn to traditional
methods of advertising to help improve their campaign.

For instance, content marketing, as well as email marketing, are still tried-and-tested
techniques that will help improve their success in affiliate marketing. That will only get
better as time progresses.