SEO Trends to Prepare For in 2019

Huge, amazing changes are coming to the search engine landscape. Algorithms and other digital technologies are continuously updating. So, if you want your personal blog e-commerce website to evolve, you need to keep up with the trends.

This 2019, machine learning and artificial intelligence will take on the digital landscape. Mobile search and user behavior will also play a big role in the forthcoming trends.

Below are some SEO trends that we can expect this 2019 suggested by an SEO Expert.

1. Voice SearchNuralma by Nuralma

Voice search will be big this 2019. As Google gets closer to 100 percent accuracy, we can expect this trend to become the leading search approach since mobile’s take over. Thanks to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistance, the advanced world of AI assistance is already upon us.

What can voice search do for business owners? Local businesses can benefit from targeted keywords that can be spoken by their clients. Remember to optimize your content based on search by utilizing conversational keywords.

2. Video Keyword Research

This 2019, the significance of video SEO will be highlighted. A simple scroll on your social media feed proves just how powerful and influential videos are today. Even the smallest of brands and businesses follow this trend. Video-sharing platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube are also rapidly improving their capabilities.

Do you want to improve your online presence? Then leverage on the powers and influences of online videos. Several online marketing professionals utilize video from lead to conversion in order to maximize the performance of their clients’ campaigns. It is easy to consume, accessible and establishes food relationships with customers.

Don’t forget to use keywords in your videos’ tags, descriptions and titles to stand out.

Here are some suggestions you can do today:

• Upload compelling videos on top video platforms such as YouTube. Use relevant keywords.
• Create and implement an effective video strategy. Include engaging content your audience would love.

3. Content DevelopmentMale Computer User (#3) by oksmith

Content development is the final, most important trend that you should remember this upcoming year. As you know, many website today are lacking inspiration and humanity. Before, in producing quality content for your website, you need think about search engines first, and then customers second.

This 2019, we are gearing towards user-centric strategies and designs. Your design team should create websites based on what users want. Of course, they would all expect informative, engaging content. Short, low-quality ones wouldn’t make the cut. It’s time to take content strategy seriously.

Here are some suggestions you can do today:

• Don’t stuff keywords, and prioritize quality content. Utilize long-tail keywords that target your readers’ needs.
• Produce quality, personalized content for each customer’s journey.