At a beautiful residential property in Malaysia we look at the top interior design company in Kuala Lumpur’s trendy designs. The designs include period style and furniture including Victorian, and Edwardian. The designers have also incorporated country-like elements and textures that blend comfort and elegance to create a marriage of grand luxury.

Marble Walls

This living room takes on the classics. See how different elements which are both modern and traditional were introduced by interior designers. This wall feature is not your average design as it incorporates marble material and adds to the look of the grand. The structural pillars represent a pleasant architectural touch to the theme.

Regal Library

This library is set to a regal style. This features two lovely period chairs and a quiet setting table. It also has a wall with shelves showing books and other decoration that merely adds to this library’s beautiful regal charm. Who wouldn’t like to read and relax in this attractive space?

Elegant Drapes and Ceiling

Malaysian interior designers produces high-end style featuring those layered ceiling to floor curtains. The trendy tray ceiling paires this exquisite chandelier extremely well. We also used luxurious down lights to add to this space’s warm atmosphere.

Private Rooms

Guests and residents can enjoy privacy from the rest of the house, since this living room also features an open space opposite entrance. Once again, the beautiful lampshades on the walls are also within the theme of the period style.


This aerial view gives you a glimpse into this luxuriously large living room. We can’t deny this beauty is truly timeless at its best!You can’t help but feel like royalty when you see this living-room!