1. Social Media

a. Buffer
Buffer is a reliable social media management tool offering both paid and free plans for the management of social media networks. Under its free plan, it becomes possible to connect a single profile every network, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

b. HootSuite
Are you looking for the best affiliate programs in Malaysia? Once you have found the right programs you need, you can choose HootSuite to promote them on your affiliate marketing blog and social media platforms. Through this tool, you can schedule social media posts ahead of time, and check basic analytics.

2. Email

a. MailChimp
MailChimp’s free plan allows 12,00- emails every month. It includes autoresponders, sign up forms and basic statistics on all of your email efforts.

3. Search Engine Optimization

a. SEO Book
SEO Book provides both paid and free SEO tools. It doesn’t require users to register, but you can generate meta tags, and then spider your web pages to see how Google and other search engine see your website.

b. KeywordTool.io
KeywordTool.io’s primary benefit? It can be used for free, and without creating an account. Overall, it can suggest over 750 long-tail keyword.

4. Graphics and Logos

a. Canva
Visual content is extremely important in digital marketing. An engaging video or graphic can more likely attract your target market, compared to boring plain text. Through Canva, you can create any kind of graphic that will make your platforms more captivating.

5. Website and Marketing Analysis

a. Google Analytics
Google provides free web analysis services that can help users improve their websites. Using this tool, you can obtain crucial data such as sources of traffic, page views and demographics.