Baccarat is one of those games that you typically see in James Bond movies. The titular here would always win in a game whenever he sits down to play it.

That being said, you can usually play them in live casinos in Malaysia, but there are also some that would offer it for online play as well, which makes it convenient for many people.

Whether you are playing the live version or if you prefer playing it online, how do you actually play the game?

Today, I am going to give you instructions on how to play Baccarat and give you some ample strategies to help increase your chances of winning.

Playing the Game

Before I start, I just want to point out that the way you pronounce the game is actually “Baa-ca-rah” with a silent “T”. Now that you know such a thing, you will become more sophisticated compared to the other 90% of players playing the game.

Anyway, since casinos are pretty rampant in the USA, the rules that I will talk about in this article mainly revolves around their style of play as it is usually the benchmark for all other gambling institutions to follow.

That being said, the game is also known as “player-banker” or “Punto Banco”, simply because the player has no power over the hitting decisions and that they can only control how much money they’re going to wager.

The premise of the game would be that the player-banker would get closest to a total of 9. That means that the Aces would count as a one, the tens card is counted as a zero, and the number cards have their actual value (2-9).

As the player at the baccarat table, you will have the option to wager on three things: the dealer’s hand winning, the player’s hand winning, or a tie. That is pretty much all there is to it.

If you bet on the Banker’s hand winning, then you will be given a 5% commission that the dealer would collect from other players, assuming that you win. The payoff would be even money or 1:1.

Should you bet on the player’s hand winning, you will still be paid in a 1:1 ratio, but in the event that the outcome is a tie, you will not get anything.

However, because betting on a tie is an option that gamblers can do and supposing that the outcome does favor you, you will be given a hefty 8:1 payoff split.
The house edge is as follows:

  • Banker Bet: 1.06%
  • Player Bet: 1.24%
  • Tie: 14.36%

The Baccarat table is actually a pretty big table that could provide seats to up to 14 players. Although all of the seats are numbered, the number 13 is omitted- probably because of the fact that it is deemed as unlucky number.

The game is played using a standard 52-card deck and the dealer will usually use a card shuffler that is able to hold 6-8 decks at a time and all of the cards will be placed into the ‘shoe’.

A certain ‘cut-card’ about 16 cards from the end of the shoe. Should the card get drawn, it will indicate that it is the last hand of the shoe.

Players are then asked to place their wagers. Two cards will then be placed at both the “player” and the “banker” side which will start with one card being placed in both positions at a time.