1. Acknowledge the fact that taste and preferences can change overtime.

This is something you can’t avoid. You may hate dive watches now because of their simplistic
and ugly appearance. Do you think you would feel the same in the next few years? Trust me,
your tastes would evolve. Keep the watch. Take care of it. Right now, there is no reason to sell it.

2. Buy a versatile, classic everyday timepiece first.

There are thousands of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, and choosing among them can
be challenging. The most practical decision you can make as a newbie watch collector is to get
versatile, casual watches first. It should be comfortable, simple and can be worn at any occasion.

3. Say no to impulsive buying.

Each wise and good watch purchase starts with research. Don’t just buy watches randomly and
impulsively. Today, you may love it very much, but tomorrow, who knows? You might not love
that design anymore.

4. Look for inspiration on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Believe it or not, watch collectors also seek the help of social media when it comes to their
potential purchases. The more you see beautiful, varying designs, the more you understand
things about watches. Explore different platforms and hashtags. Serve plenty of watch designs
and features before your very eyes.

5. Read forums and threads.

With the help of online forums, you will not only end up buying the best watch, you can also
gain new friends. Watch online communities and forums are goldmines. There, you can see other
people’s failures, frustrations, hopes and wins. Learn from everything, and use them to improve
your watch collecting journey.

6. Get the right size.

When it comes to watches, size matters a lot. Wearing a timepiece that is too big for you would
obviously look awkward. Consequently, wearing something that appears too small is weird and
confusing. Make sure to pick the right watch, depending on your wrist size.