There are some essentials for your baby that you must get before your baby is actually born. One of which is the baby clothes they are going to wear.

Although there are some cute designs that parents usually gravitate towards, it is important that you first have to take practicality in mind, as well as the safety and comfort that those clothes provide as well.

The premise of getting baby clothes is to help protect your baby, as well as it is easily washable and can last for a relatively long time.

This article focuses on helping you choose the right clothes for your baby, so stick around if you want to know some really good information about it.

No Buttons

If your baby is still relatively young, you should stay away from clothes that have small buttons, bows, or even ties. Buttons and decorative rhinestones can be a choking hazard, while bows and ties can also be used to wrap around your baby’s arms and legs as well, thus posing danger to their bodies.


There are some baby clothes that are flame-retardant and there are also some flame-resistant fabrics as well. When you are going to buy these, make sure that you follow their washing instructions to the tee as incorrect washing of these fabrics might wash away the flame-retardant.

Because of the fact that the retardant may be washed away, it is best that you always buy them brand new as opposed to getting them secondhand.

Shop by Weight

Usually, parents mistakenly believe that the age-appropriateness of the clothes matter more than the actual weight of their baby, but buying clothes using this notion is a mistake.

You always have to mind the weight of your baby before buying baby clothes, simply because the size of your infant varies greatly.

Ease of Use

Because babies’ bodies are usually more fragile than adults, it is important that you buy clothes that are easy to put on and easy to take off.

Typically, you want to go for clothes that have wide necks or snaps so that you can easily pull over the head, making it quicker for you to put on and take off.

When you buy clothes with zippers, it is much better that they be found at the front rather than the back as the former is much easier to take off.

Always opt for looser clothes because tight ones may make your baby uncomfortable (while also making it hard to remove).


To make it more convenient for you, always buy clothes that are labeled “machine washable”, as they can be put inside a washing machine for easier use.

Also, you may want to opt for clothes that are made out of cotton as they are much more durable and comfortable for your baby to wear.


Babies can grow immensely fast, so whenever you buy clothes, take into consideration how big they will be after a few months.

Again, you want to buy clothes based on the weight and the height of your baby as opposed to relying on the age printed on the clothes.