Technology can either make or break us but the good thing is that we can always use it
for the better. That being said, mobile apps have definitely made education more fun for
students and it is even convenient now more than ever to learn new things.

Mobile app development has certainly done some huge changes in the way the
education system works. So today, I am going to be talking about how apps can help
students in classrooms immensely.

Collaborative Classroom Sessions

A lot of students now use social media apps not only to talk with their friends and family
but to also upload their pictures and create new posts as well.

That being said, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be utilized in a way
that will actually help improve learning.

Gone are the days where students have to meet in classrooms because they can now
talk about anything school-related right from within the social media apps.

Furthermore, teachers can create a group chat session that will allow everyone to chime
in along with the teacher.

Pre-Recorded Lectures

The problem with learning in schools back then is that the student must be attentive
100% of the time so that they will understand the lesson at hand. The problem with this
is that it is not all of the time that students have high attention spans and students have
different comprehension levels. One might be able to understand the lesson right off the
bat but others might require additional information to truly understand the concepts.

Fortunately, teachers can use mobile apps to record their lectures so that students can
just watch them to further their learning. This provides a great way for them to catch up
on what was taught earlier during the day.

Send Notifications

The dark side of mobile devices is that students can actually get too distracted to do
anything. Fortunately, teachers can send push notifications to their students to remind
them to answer their assignments and read the learning supplements that were given to

According to a research paper done by a school in New York, teachers who make use
of push notifications have actually helped improve their students’ grades by as much as 76%.

Provide Real-Time Information

There are certain apps that teachers use to help provide real-time information about the
happenings in the school. For instance, a teacher could create a Facebook group to let
their students know about upcoming events.

Such apps can also be used as a means for students to report violent or possibly
criminal behavior that may be exhibited by their peers. Providing real-time information is
crucial, especially in these types of situations.

Interactive Learning

Young students can learn more when they engage in interactive learning. By using apps
that would require them to do certain actions, students can be more attentive and can
answer the questions at hand whenever needed.

It is also best that mobile app developers ensure to incorporate more interactive
elements, especially when developing educational apps.