People buy watches not just to check the time. There is enjoyment and satisfaction that comes
with it. Whether you are thinking of getting a dress timepiece for special events or a casual watch
in Malaysia that you can wear anywhere, it’s important to do research first. The following are
just some of the basic details you need to know before getting hold for your new watch.


A classic luxury watch usually costs around £1,000. You may have a lot of money to spend, but
when buying timepieces, it’s always best to operate within a strict budget. Don’t buy a Patek
Philippe and Rolex on a whim. There are tons of watch brands out there that offers pieces for
every budget.

Finance Management

It’s also possible to buy your watch through an interest-free financial arrangement. Feel free to
spread out your watch payments, so you can get hold of the piece as soon as possible.


There is no reason not to invest in a pre-owned watch, as long as the timepiece enjoyed the
attention and care of a watchmaker or previous owner. All you need to do is look for a reputable
manufacturer-certified watch service center.


The watch you will buy must come with comprehensive warranty for an entire year, covering
non-fault malfunction and defects. Of course, the original brand warranty should also be


At some point, you will be tempted to sacrifice security for a more affordable price. Just be
careful about purchasing through auction houses or private sellers.

Servicing and Maintenance

Every watch manufacturer has its own servicing requirements, but it is usually around 2 to 5
years. As a timepiece operates under its daily usage, it goes through its own rough moments,
from wears to moving parts generating friction. All of these needs to be inspected. In worst
cases, parts must be replaced. Make sure to prioritize watch care, if you want to use your
timepiece for decades to come.