1. Use the watch warranty efficiently.

Big watch brands usually warrants its watches for 2 years from the purchase date. If you are
experiencing minor issues, and can wait for a bit, it usually makes sense to send in your
timepiece for warranty repair before the end of that period. This will extend the watch warranty
to another one year.

2. Never test your timepiece to its limits.

Never push your luck, and assess the watch to its limits. Stay away from those challenges you
see on YouTube. Some owners even put their watches inside the freezer. Whether you have a
simple sports watch or an expensive heirloom watch, don’t treat your timepiece this way. It is an
intricate piece of art that needs the utmost care.

3. Change the watch straps carefully.

Do you know that you can damage your watch simply by changing its strap? Extreme shocks can
damage a watch’s mechanism. Change your strap carefully. If this is not done properly, you
might end up scratching your watch lugs.

4. Keep the watch wound.

Modern watch lubricants are long last, but they also conceal and dry up over time. A lubricated
timepiece would work longer and better. Winding keeps the watch working, and then spreads the
lubricants. If you have a manual-wind watch, make it a habit to wind it at the same time every day.

5. Clean it, but don’t use soap.

You spend long hours buying a mechanical watch in Malaysia. Don’t ruin it by cleaning it with
soap. Just use a microfiber when polishing the cloth on your watch. A bit of water wouldn’t hurt,
assuming that the crown is entirely secure. See to it that that the leather strap wouldn’t get wet.

6. Enjoy the watch.

Enjoy wearing your timepiece. You got that be worn regularly, not to hide it inside the cabinet.
Wearing it allow you to appreciate and love it even more.