1. Architects manage and endure tons of stress.

Mental health problems plague many architecture schools for several reasons. This may cause stress to linger for a while. Studying to be an architect takes a person to a deep journey of introspection, figuring out how to establish connections, and understanding your own needs despite many challenges.

2. Architects are able to do the thing they love for the rest of their life.

Do you want to work for a top architecture company in Malaysia, or set up your own firm? Well, in the architecture field, there is no barrier that can stop you from practicing even past retirement age. As they say, pick a job that you love the most, and you will never have to work even a single day in your life.

3. Architects are always held in high esteem.

There are several general legends and myths that surround the field of architecture. However, one thing remains true. There is really reverence attached to architects. Leverage on this to impress other individuals, most especially potential clients.

4. Architects are able to unleash their creative power.

This is probably the best aspect of the architecture profession. Architecture embraces the individuality of every person. Designing buildings is already considered as a creative pursuit, but apart from that, architects are also allowed to have a specific style that manifests way beyond their job.

5. Architects do not get bored in university.

It’s no secret that architecture school is hard, but is also exciting and fun because of the dynamic experience. Theories and knowledge from other professions are welcome in the architecture field, from social work and economics to philosophy. If there is a specific subject you are interested in, it’s possible to incorporate it in your architectural designs.